Immigration main policy disagreement between Conservatives, Lib-Dem

`Negotiations should lead to stable government’: Green

11th May 2010:
Immigration is turning out to be one of the main policy disagreements between the Conservatives and Liberal Democrats.

After the election results made it clear that the support of Liberal Democrats is essential for formation of the new Government as a result of a Hung Parliament, negotiations are going on.

But the core point of discussion is immigration. Already, the Conservatives have suggested the introduction an annual limit for non-EU economic migrants.

After emerging as the largest party in the general polls held last week, the Conservatives have also suggested severer immigration controls.

Prior to the elections, the party had indicated a conservation government would see drastic slash in annual immigration into Britain. The party believes the immigration is ‘too high’; and will be cut down to levels last witnessed in the mid-90s.

The party said it proposed to put to an end Labour’s open-door policy and stop uncontrolled immigration, with an annual limit on non-EU economic migration. In fact, David Cameron had pledged net annual immigration would be brought down from 200,000 a year under Labour to “tens of thousands”.

The Lib-Dem, on the other hand, would want to see illegal immigrants becoming British citizens, if they speak English, have a clean record and want to live here long-term.

Ashford’s MP Damian Green says the outcome of any negotiations between the Conservative and Lib-Dem should be a stable Government.

Tory immigration spokesman, Green too is in favour of an annual cap on immigrant workers from Europe. He also wants a new border police force to crack down on people trafficking.

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