Immigration second most important issue

Issue more vital to voters than crime, health, education

21st April 2010: Immigration is the second most important issue at the national level for voters. It comes after the issue of economy.

An opinion poll just ahead of a May 6 election shows immigration issue is more vital for the voters than crime, health, or even education, says Reuters.

So far, studies and research have established beyond doubt the importance of migrants in not only making Britain multicultural, but also economically stronger.

In fact, it is now evident that migration has not only enhanced economic growth, but has general benefits as well. Any attempts to halt or reverse it could be economically damaging.

Otherwise also the opinion on Britain benefiting from multiculturalism is gaining credence. Only recently, former Downing Street adviser Andrew Neather claimed mass migration was encouraged by Labour ministers over the past decade to make the UK truly multicultural, and plug in the gaps in the labour market. He asserted the policy has made London a more attractive and diverse place.

Economists also agree the policy of brining in migrant workers, encouraged by Labour, has helped fill skills shortages, kept wage costs down, and contributed to the robust growth and low inflation.

But, the opposition has all along been asserting it has brought pressures on housing, jobs, and public services. The opposition parties have also been accusing the Labour of losing control of the numbers entering Britain.

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