Increase in sham marriages results in corresponding rise in enforcement action

As many as 934 suspected sham marriages reported in 2010, 155 arrests made

25th March 2011: Every action has an opposite reaction — especially when it comes to sham marriages. At least, this is what the Home Office is claiming.
The Home Office has claimed: `An increase in suspected sham marriages has been accompanied by a rise in enforcement action’.

Quoting statistics, the Home Office said: `Registrars reported 934 suspected sham marriages in 2010, compared to 561 the previous year.

`But, 155 arrests have been made by UK Border Agency officers in recent targeted operations.

The statistics came along with UK Immigration Minister Damian Green reiterated commitment to cracking down on marriages for visas.

Green said: ‘We will not tolerate immigration abuse, including sham marriages.
‘The UK Border Agency investigates all reports of suspected sham marriages — and recent enforcement action has resulted in 155 arrests.

‘The most effective action is to increase our enforcement efforts and work closely with registrars and churches to identify marriages that may not be genuine.’

The Home Office added: `The UK Border Agency officers work closely with registrars – including providing advice – in order to help them identify marriages that may not be genuine’.
The assertion assumes significance, as eight people were arrested this week only for arranging sham marriages in London and Yorkshire.

A Bangladeshi man and a Portuguese woman were arrested in Tower Hamlets on Tuesday.

At Halifax Register Office six people, including a would-be Polish bride and Pakistani groom, were also arrested.

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