Indian Workers, harassed at the UK borders

Highly skilled Indian workers humiliated, though they are legally entitled to re-enter the country. 14 October 2008. Highly Skilled Migrant Program (HSMP) Forum, which supports and assists skilled workers in the U.K., argued that British immigration officials harass and abuse highly skilled Indian workers returning from abroad trips.
The Forum was held on 2nd of October and urged the concerned government authorities to control such unlawful actions by their border officers.

Executive Director of Highly Skilled Migrant Program Forum Amit Kapadia said the forum has received various complaints from legal migrants about the “humiliation, harassment and abuse suffered at the hands of immigration officials at some of the UK’s busiest airports like Heathrow, Manchester and Belfast.”

He added “though migrants are used to discrimination and harassment, these new revelations show how the Border Control now stooped to the lowest level in dealing with the legal immigrants.”

“We regularly receive emails and telephone calls about the harassment and discrimination of our members, who are in the U.K. under skilled migrant visa, suffer from overly zealous immigration officers.”

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