Interim limit on immigration comes into force from today

To remain until long-term limit is introduced in April 2011

19th July 2010: The provisional cap on the number of immigrants entering Britain comes into force today.




You need to worry if you are non-European Union workers wanting to settle here, as the limit only applies to them. The scheme is a prelude to the introduction of a permanent cap next year.

Only 24,400 workers from outside the EU will be allowed into the UK in the coming months with Britain for the first time in history placing a cap on the number of immigrants.

The limit – in sync with Tory election pledge – will remain in force till the first full annual cap is set next April. This will be done after a nationwide consultation.

Clearly indicating that the government "means business”, Home Secretary Theresa May had cautioned that Britain would be crushed under the pressure of too many people, if the Government did not act now.

May agreed immigration has been good for them. But at the same time said uncontrolled immigration was not.

Only recently, the government gave details of the categories not to be included in the interim limit.

The UK Border Agency has asserted that the investor, entrepreneur and post-study work categories of Tier 1 will not be included in the interim limit. In-country extensions under Tier 1 (General) will also be excluded.

The UKBA has added intra company transfer, sportsperson and minister of religion categories of Tier 2 will not be included in the interim limit.

The Agency said the government will introduce an annual limit on applications for Tier 1 (General) and Tier 2 (General) of the points-based system from April 2011.

An interim limit will be introduced from 19 July 2010 until the long-term limit is introduced in April 2011. Until the interim limit is implemented on 19 July 2010, applications will continue to be assessed as normal.

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