It will take “some years” to clear backlog of immigration cases

The government has already taken important steps to tackle the backlog of immigration cases, Lord Taylor of Holbeach has said.

One of the steps is the Home Secretary Theresa May’s decision to split the UK Border Agency (UKBA) and create two new entities within the Home Office reporting to Ministers. The newly created entities are an immigration and visa service and an immigration enforcement organisation.

Lord Taylor of Holbeach said: “The immigration and visa service will provide a high volume service that makes high quality decisions about who comes here, with a culture of customer satisfaction for businessmen and visitors who want to come here legally.

“This new service has already started making encouraging progress in reducing substantially the stock of permanent and temporary migration applications awaiting decision.”

In a written answer to Lord Roberts of Llandudno who sought to know what steps the government intended to take to tackle the backlog of immigration cases, Lord Taylor of Holbeach said they were determined to maintain the progress already being made by the immigration and visa service.

He however, pointed out that given the deep seated problems which beset the former UKBA, “it is likely to be some years before the system is functioning smoothly with all forms of backlog completely eliminated.”

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