JCWI condemns extension of migrant spouse probationary period

Joint Council on Welfare of Immigrants (JCWI) has condemned the proposed extension of the spousal probationary period for migrants living in the UK.

JCWI said that the proposed extension comes on top of other harsh measures restricting familial immigration. The effect of this change in the Immigration Rules will be especially devastating for women living in abusive relationships, JCWI said, adding that excluding these victims of abuse from access to the welfare state, and making them less employable will simply generate poverty.

JCWI observed that the measure could compel the victims of abusive marriages to live in this situation for three further years. It increases the dependency on their partners and could consign women to a prolonged period of suffering and abuse.

Habib Rahman, Chief Exec of JCWI said: “This callous measure is being imposed without regard for the most vulnerable in society. Theresa May must rethink this now.”

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