JCWI: “Go home or face arrest” campaign should be scrapped

Joint Council for the Welfare of Immigrants (JCWI) has condemned the Home Office’s threatening advertising campaign urging irregular migrants to voluntarily return home.

The Home Office claimed that the trial scheme which lasted for a week was successful.

But JCWI said there was no evidence to suggest any such success.  

After such a short period of time, it is difficult to see how any success can be measured. JCWI asked: Is it the number of texts received by the Home Office, or the number of people who have left the country as a result of the billboards?

JCWI told the Government to come clean and announce the entire cost of this campaign and the numbers of people who have left the country as a result of it.

The slogan “GO HOME” is a hallmark of the extremist fascist fringes, appearing on the leaflets and banners of the National Front, British National Party and English Defence League, JCWI said.

Habib Rahman, chief exec of JCWI said: “The idea of success in this revolting venture is impossible to claim at this stage. Mark Harper is using the language of the racist extremist right, the National Front, BNP and EDL to instil fear amongst migrants. Such a divisive campaign is not welcome in a civilised multiracial society. This campaign should be scrapped, only then we can try to have a reasoned and informed discussion about immigration in the UK.”

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