Jeremy Corbyn blasts “disgraceful” migrant camp conditions, tells UK and EU what to do

Jeremy Corbyn
Jeremy Corbyn
The Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn

The Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn MP has asked the UK and other European Union countries to do more for refugees.

Last Saturday Mr Corbyn visited the Calais Jungle and Grande-Synthe (Dunkirk) refugee camps in France to see how refugees live there. That was his first official trip abroad as Leader of the Opposition.

Speaking at Grande-Synthe, Mr Corbyn said: “What I’m trying to achieve here is to understand the nature of the refugee crisis that’s facing the whole of Europe. Ultimately we deal with the situation by dealing with the problem at its source, which are the wars and conflicts.”

He criticised the way the EU authorities were treating refugees in Calais Jungle and Grande-Synthe camps. “We have got people here who have been here for months, if not longer than that, with no proper education, no access to doctors, no access to dentists, limited access to food – in very cold, very wet conditions.

“These conditions are a disgrace anywhere. We as human beings have to reach out to fellow human beings.” Mr Corbyn said.

In a post on his official Facebook page, Mr Corbyn said: “I saw the appalling conditions that people who have fled wars and human rights disasters are living in.

“We must reach out the hand of humanity to the victims of war and brutal repression. Along with other EU states, Britain needs to accept its share of refugees from the conflicts on Europe’s borders, including the horrific civil war in Syria.”

He urged Prime Minister David Cameron to give refuge to unaccompanied refugee children now in Europe – as was done with Jewish Kindertransport children escaping from Nazi tyranny in the 1930s.

He also appealed to the UK government to “provide the resources needed for those areas accepting refugees – including in housing and education – rather than dumping them in some of Britain’s poorest communities.”

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