Justice for Mubenga will be achieved when killers will be “properly held to account”

Adrienne Makenda Kambana, Jimmy Mubenga’s widow has thanked the jury for helping her understand how her husband died.

An inquest jury at Isleworth Crown Court ruled that Mr. Mubenga was unlawfully killed on a British Airways flight taking him back to Angola.

He died after becoming ill as the aircraft prepared to leave Heathrow Airport in October 2010.

“The inquest helped me to understand what really happened in the plane. I now know how Jimmy died. I was so shocked to hear that a lot of people heard Jimmy asking for help but no-one helped him,” Ms. Kambana said. “This feels like a nightmare because Jimmy walked onto a plane feeling fine and came out of the plane dead. How can my family live with this pain? We’re not going to forget this because the last time I spoke to him he said I will call you back and he will never call me back again.”

Ms. Kambana thanked the jury for helping her “get closer to justice for Jimmy which will only be fully achieved when I can tell my children that those responsible have been properly held to account and no other family suffers in the way we are.”

Jimmy Mubenga was “unlawfully killed” during deportation

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