Know how Australia manages her immigration

Top civil servant to discuss challenge in country’s approach to migration


14th June 2010: If you wish to know how Australia manages its immigration, and new challenges before the country, remember to attend a presentation by Andrew Metcalfe — secretary of the Department of Immigration and Citizenship (DIAC), Australia

The Department has pioneered several developments in policymaking in the area of migration; most notably being the inspiration for the UK’s new points-based system.

Invited by the Royal Commonwealth Society, he will present — Managing migration, Building a nation: the view from Australia —on Friday 2nd July 2010 between 10:30am and 12:00 noon at the Commonwealth Club, 25 Northumberland Ave, WC2N 5AP.

Metcalfe is top civil servant from DIAC. Having facilitated the arrival of more than seven million migrants and conferred citizenship on four million people since its creation 65 years ago, the DIAC oversees one of the world’s largest migration programmes.

Metcalfe will discuss new challenges and priorities in Australia’s approach to managing migration and citizenship.

The event is open to Royal Commonwealth Society Members and non-members and is free to attend. To register for this event, you can go to For further enquiries, you can contact Chi Kavindele, RCS Events Manager at [email protected] / 02077669200.

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