Labour MP criticises the Immigration minister

Keith Vaz disregards the plans to cap the immigration because of the economic crisis 03 November 2008. British Labour Party Politician, MP Keith Vaz, said it was "totally untrue" that Labour would seek to restrict foreign workers as minister Woolas suggested.

Earlier last month, Phil Woolas, Minister of State for borders and immigration, said the number of people coming into the UK would have to be cut because of the economic crisis. Woolas’s call for a tough new approach last month sparked a furore in the Labour Party and led to the Home Secretary Jacqui Smith, banning him from appearing on Question Time.

Vaz, chairman of the home affairs select committee, voiced unhappiness at Woolas’s comments during a visit to India where he told businessmen that there would be no cap on the number of people allowed to migrate to Britain.

The Leicester East MP is leading an inquiry by the select committee into how the new system has been working since being introduced in April. It assesses applicants on criteria such as age, earnings, education and language ability.

India was the first nation where it was introduced. Vaz pledged that the system would help the UK curry industry by allowing it to recruit more skilled employees from India.

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