Labour’s ‘points-based’ system for immigrants to go

It was designed to allow only highly-qualified migrants

14th May 2010: With the release of the coalition’s policy statement, it is clear Labour’s much hyped ‘points-based’ system for immigrants will go.

The system, based on the Australian pattern was designed to allow in only highly- qualified migrants from outside the EU.

All in praise for the system, Labour had time and again asserted that the new flexible points-based system gave them greater control over those coming to work or study from outside Europe, ensuring that only those that Britain need could come.

Labour had added they were making the UK a more hostile place for illegal immigrants by issuing foreign nationals with ID cards, checking those who apply for visas against watch lists and fining those who employ illegal workers.

The coalition policy now released says: ‘We have agreed that there should be an annual limit on the number of non-EU economic migrants admitted into the UK to live and work.’

The policy also makes it abundantly clear that the Liberal Democrats have given the boot to their call for an amnesty on illegal immigrants.

As of now 61million now live in Britain. The population has shot up by over three million during Labour’s 13 years in power, official figures say.

The figures suggest the population could touch 70million mark even earlier than the current estimate of 2029.


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