Landlords in UK must check immigration status. Here’s what they risk if they fail to do so



The UK Government’s Right to Rent scheme which was introduced by the Immigration Act 2014 has today gone live across the whole of England.

Home Office said that under the new rules, landlords must carry out checks on all new adult tenants to make sure they have the right to rent property.

Landlords who fail to carry out checks risk a potential penalty of up to £3,000 per tenant.

The Right to Rent also applies to people who are subletting their property or taking in lodgers.

“We firmly believe in creating an immigration system which is fair to those here legally, but firm with those who try to break the rules,” Immigration Minister James Brokenshire said. “That is why Right to Rent is so important. The scheme builds on the Right to Work checks that employers have been making for some time, and we know that many landlords already carry out simple identity checks as a matter of good practice.”

All landlords must check identity documents for all new tenants and take copies.

Home Office has prepared an online checking tool which landlords can use to guide them through the process. They can also request a check on anyone who has an outstanding case with the Home Office.

For more information on how to make a Right to Rent check, go to

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