Latino cleaners fear revenge of the company

AMEY fired them because they were members of a union 19 November 2008. Last Sunday, the workers dismissed by AMEY cleaning company were subject in a meeting organized by the Association of Latin American Workers with the support of several organizations from Bolivia, Colombia and Ecuador, plus of the Association Campaign against the Migratory Controls.

Robinson Baldeon said that the five rejected workers abstain to protest from fear of twists. The workers are awaiting the results of a disciplinary hearing after their employer, Amey, suspended them three months ago because they were members of a union and were raising awareness among other staff.

The meeting in the Pullens Centre, Elephant and Castle, had the objective to encourage solidarity between the workers, organizing themselves or becoming member of English unions.

The tens of participants shared their experiences as migrant workers and activists. Julio Mayor, one of the five Latin American workers unjustly dismissed , and Robinson Baldeon spoke in the name of the cleaning workers remembering that many of them abstain to participate to any fight for their rights since they fear retaliation.

The five dismissed workers had distributed a leaflet criticising Amey for "putting excessive workload onto increasingly fewer staff", for "unilaterally changing terms and conditions" and disrespecting grievance procedures." The leaflet also accused Amey’s site manager, Laura Jordan, of "discriminating and bullying" and "violating [the workers’] rights" under the Employment Regulations Act.

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