Leave EU to better control immigration, UKIP tells Govt

The Deputy Leader of UKIP, Paul Nuttall has said Britain could reduce immigration by being independent from the European Union.

Referring to the latest Home Office report on the impact of immigration, Mr. Nuttall said: “The fact that 2.2 million immigrants have come from inside the EU and 2.4 million outside the EU shows that we could halve immigration by regaining our independence from Brussels.”

The Home Office report, Mr. Nuttall claimed, “shows half of Britons are now living under the strain of mass immigration, which is impacting on health services, schools and housing. This simply is not right.”

He said the mass immigration was also “having a detrimental effect on the migrants themselves, with many living in substandard, overcrowded accommodation, struggling to maintain work. It’s not fair on anybody. The point here is that uncontrolled migration is bad for everybody. It’s a simple question of numbers.”

He claimed that when the UK’s borders will be open next year to 27 million Romanians and Bulgarians, the already difficult situation would get worse.

“It’s about time the Government got a grip on the problem. But little can be done unless we leave the EU. We want to see a fair, balanced common sense approach to immigration where people are merited on their skills and intent, wherever they are from, and not simply by the fact that they happen to hold a passport from one of the EU 28."

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