Let the sun shine on immigrants in 2011 wishes end to racism, human trafficking and destitution

31st December 2010: As the year 2010 comes to an end; and the New Year rises from its ashes, — the webportal for the immigrants in the UK — wishes that 2011 brings along with it everything the migrants have ever hoped for.


An end to racism, human trafficking and destitution; home for the homeless, better working conditions,  recognition for those working for migrants’ rights, better integration, less stringent immigration norms, and change in outlook towards immigration rules are just some of the many wishes the webportal makes for the immigrants.    

In search of greener pastures in alien lands, so many starry eyed migrant workers leave for the UK. Full of hopes for better quality of life, they expect to receive good standards of living, decent home and better wages. But the reality that stares at them is much worse than the one they could have ever imagined. In fact, it is nothing less than a life of slavery.

For many of them, the back-breaking work often lasts for 13 hours a day, six days a week. Freezing cold and pouring rain notwithstanding, they work year-round without water-proof clothing.

After a long day, they find themselves in houses unfit for human habitation. The workers are dumped in filthy, damp and cold houses and charged a day’s wages for each week’s stay.

Badly infested with insects and rats, some of the workers are left with bites all over their bodies. The webportal wishes an end to this.


Launching a scathing attack on the Tory immigration policy, the Liberal Democrat Foreign Office minister only recently asserted it was "driven by uncharitable instincts".
An undercover reporter posing as a supporter in Jeremy Browne’s Taunton Deane constituency was told: "The Tories had a very harsh, in my view, immigration policy. The webportal wishes the attitude towards immigration changes, for better.

On receiving end despite their contribution to the economy, the migrants received words of appreciation from Labour’s Deputy Leader Harriet Harman.

She praised immigrants as “hidden heroes” and added the migrants were entitled to claim state payments such as child benefit and tax credits.

The Government, she said, should make it easier for them to send the money home. Harman also called for tax refunds to encourage more immigrants to follow suit, in particular those who paid for their children to be educated in the Third World. Hope someone listens to her!

As many as 21 Oxford and Cambridge colleges made no offers to black students the previous year. Cambridge accepted six black Caribbean undergraduates for the academic year beginning autumn 2009. Offers were not made to black students that year at 11 Oxford colleges and 10 Cambridge colleges. Hope the era of racial diversity arrives.    

The Coalition fully adopted and endorsed the Equality Act, promoted through Parliament by the previous Labour government. By doing so, it paved way for the non-whites into the job sector. The intention behind the move was to judge the individuals on their own merits, and not according to their class or race. Looking forward to more such measures.

Age brings intolerance for immigrants, and refugees, according to studies. A pair of mass-participation studies released only recently showed English teenagers became increasingly intolerant of immigrants and refugees as they grew older.




The surveys also found they held conspicuously harder opinions on the subject than their counterparts in other countries. The attitude needs to change.

Only recently, police officers and staff across London were recognised for their work in embracing diversity and improving equality at the first-ever MPS Diversity Excellence Awards. Hope they keep up the good work.

Muslims are in the line of fire. A report indicated anti-Muslim hate crime was widespread. The community faced a risk of aggression and coercion not only from politically-motivated attackers and gangs, but also individuals not aligned to extremist groups.

Random street attacks by gangs of youths; attacks on workers in isolated jobs, such as taxi drivers, takeaway and restaurant owners, and railway staff; alcohol-fuelled racist abuse; arson attacks and cases of graffiti and vandalism — all figured in a list of `some of the most serious cases of abuse and physical violence’ between January and June 2010.

Also, Peterborough witnessed 600 reports of hate crime in past year. Out of the total, 170 took place in schools. And the targets were the new arrivals, said anti-racism campaigners in Peterborough


The hate crime included verbal abuse, and even hurling of eggs at houses and car being vandalised on several occasions.

A survey also indicated `endemic culture of institutional racism’ in English schools. Racist asylum and immigration policies in the UK culminated in the deaths of 77 asylum seekers and migrants over the past five years. The startling revelation was made by the Institute of Race Relations (IRR) in its latest report: “Driven to Desperate Measures: 2006-2010”. All this needs to be changed. 

British Immigration Minister Damian Green used his visit to India to once again reiterate his government’s stand of intolerance to racism.

Green made it clear that the Government was exceedingly eager to stamp out anything that gives rise to any kind of racism. He needs support.

By Monika


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