Lib-Dem lost ground on tax, migrants

Cameron appeases Tory Right


Hardens stand on immigration 




27th May 2010: With David Cameron appeasing the Tory Right, it is becoming apparent that the Lib-Dem has lost some ground on tax and migrants.

David Cameron has hardened his stand on coalition government’s key policies on tax and immigration. The move is being seen as an attempt by the Prime Minister to appease agitated Tory MPs.

The moves were, in fact, seen as an attempt to reassure Right-wingers, who were apparently of the view that the Prime Minister has given away too much to the Lib-Dem for their support.

The issues were brought to the fore, as Queen’s speech made it clear the coalition believed in ‘lower’ taxes overall.

Otherwise also, the Conservative pre-election pledge that annual immigration will be brought down from hundreds of thousands to tens of thousands was also found to be absent from last week’s pact. This was recalled in the Queen’s Speech documents.

As the Queen opened Parliament for the 56th time, she announced 23 Bills and other measures.

In his first major speech in the Commons since becoming Prime Minister, Cameron launched an attack on ‘appalling mess’ left behind by the Labour.

He said: ‘This Queen’s Speech marks an end to the years of recklessness and big government and the beginning of the years of responsibility and good government,’ he told MPs.

‘It takes the deficit head- on, it shows the world that Britain is reopening for business, it tackles the causes of our social problems, it means better schools for our children, real hope for those out of work, a stronger NHS for everyone and it means a Parliament that belongs to the people not the politicians.’

Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg said: ‘We want to give people more control over their schools, over their hospitals, over their police, over their politicians.’

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