Lib Dems again raise concerns on immigration cap

Say it could put pressure on British businesses 2nd November 2010: Just more than a week after Prime David Cameron hinted at softer immigration cap, the Liberal Democrats have again expressed its concerns on the issue. the coalation partner has asserted that the immigration cap could put pressure on British businesses and science research.
MP Lorely Burt asserted that extending the immigration cap to intercompany transfers would send a message to global firms that they we open for business, but outsiders can’t come in.

Another MP Jo Swinson added medical research facilities required to recruit world-class scientists.

The assertions came soon after Japan’s biggest carmakers warned immigration minister that cap could result in serious consequences for the industry.

Executives from three of Japan’s biggest manufacturers cautioned the government that plans to restrict the number of immigrant workers coming to Britain could affect the car trade.

Earlier, scientists too had attacked immigration cap. In fact, the UK’s proposed permanent cap on immigration only recently came fire from a group of Nobel prize-winning scientists. They had warned that the cap threatened the country’s future as a centre of scientific excellence. 

During Commons question time, Lorely Burt said many international companies who were contemplating investment in the UK were being put off by the fact that inter-company transfers were defined as coming under the immigration cap.

These inter-company transfers meant more jobs for British workers and they don’t stay in the UK.

She urged immigration minister Damian Green to look at the rules.

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