Live debates influence voters

17 per cent voters say they shifted allegiance
6th May 2010: Live debates did influence the voters. A survey suggests as many 17 per cent voters shifted allegiance after watching the leaders of the three main parties debating political, economic and immigration issues.

In all, there were three televised debates. The focus of the last debate was economy, but immigration issue pushed its way to the top of the agenda.

The findings come as the UK goes to the polls today, amidst apprehensions of a Hung Parliament. The results are as unpredictable as ever, with a survey making it clear approximately fifth of voters changed sides after the live debates were aired on the television.

It only suggests loyal voters may not vote for the party they have so far favoured. The findings also indicate the influence the debates have on the voters.

The survey found change in voting intentions, after Gordon Brown, David Cameron and Nick Clegg talked about the issues affecting the country’s future.

The survey for communications firm TLG also found that 45 per cent of the voters wanted live debates to go on, even after the General Election campaigns.

They suggested vital political events, including budget, local and European elections, should also be debated live.

The survey also found in case of 6 per cent voters online media had most influenced their decision.

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