London’s homeless don’t live beyond 42

They live on bendy buses, scrounge for scraps, endure snow and rain


05 July 2010: It may send shock waves, but the fact is that the life expectancy of a homeless person on London streets is just 42.

A charity for the homeless, Broadway’s chief executive Howard Sinclair says the life expectancy of a homeless person on London streets was 42. That was not something that should be happening in 21st century London.

He added the clients lived on bendy buses, scrounge for scraps and had to endure snow and rain.
Sinclair cautioned if the problem was not tackled, London’s mayor Boris Johnson would find it very difficult to live up to his promise of making the city streets free of homeless by 2013.

When the EU expanded in 2004, certain limitations were placed on the entitlements of citizens from 8 out of 10 of the accession countries: Poland, Lithuania, Estonia, Latvia, Slovenia, Slovakia, Hungary and the Czech Republic.

The migrants from former eastern bloc countries joining the EU have no right to public funds and only limited access to the services, unless they have worked full-time for a year. The aftermath is often isolation and homelessness.

London has 4,000 homeless, mostly migrants from new EU states

One in seven fresh arrivals not covered by new immigration rules