Luxury life of an illegal immigrant, subject of Court

An illegal immigrant lived the millionaire lifestyle by using many aliases to deceive companies. 16 October 2008. Fraudster Olufunsho Suleman, also known as John Wright, Joseph Mitchell, Simon Robinson and David Scott, had operated scams across the country and had extensively travelled abroad using his false passport, even returning home to his mother’s funeral in Nigeria and back.

Suleman had a mortgage on a luxury apartment, drove a new BMW M sports car and wore designer clothes and watches. He was enrolled as a student at Sunderland University.

The 32-year-old’s scam was unveiled when he carelessly dropped a blank cheque in a different name to the one he was using at the Money Shop in Newcastle in June and an investigation was launched. When police raided his home they found in his apartment a wardrobe packed with designer clothes, Rolex Cartier and Tag Heurer watches as well as Louis Vuitton luggage.

They also found a stack of high quality forgeries including bills, bank statements passports and even an NHS payslip which he used to obtain credit from unsuspecting firms.

The court heard Suleman, who came to the UK from Nigeria in 2000, had paid a £20,000 cash deposit for his BMW and a £10,000 deposit to obtain his mortgage.

Police found 31 separate cheque books, 13 different credit cards and two notebooks containing a list of names, dates of birth and salaries during the search.

In police inverview he admitted he had obtained in the region of £100,000 using his false identity scams and said he used contacts in London to provide the fake documentation.
Police seized assets worth £80,000 during the raid at his home at Quayside Lofts, Clavering Place, Newcastle, and have commenced proceedings under the Proceeds of Crime Act to find out if he has any more.

The Newcastle Crown Court heard he has already been before the courts in the UK for dishonesty offences and has even served a three month prison sentence in this country before. Suleman had already admitted the fraud charges.

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