Mass Immigration responsible for housing crisis: BNP

John Walker against proposed Unitary Development Plan

15th March 2010: Even though it is now clear that mass migration helped the UK become truly multicultural and plug in the gaps in the labour market, the British National Party (BNP) is still blaming mass migration for problems, like housing.

With the general elections just round the corner, BNP’s Mancot Councilor John Walker has come down heavily on both Tory and Labour parties for the mass immigration as pursued by them.

Participating in a demonstration of his constituents against a proposed Unitary Development Plan (UDP), he said the mass immigration as pursued by both the parties was the cause of local housing crises.

Walker demonstrated outside Flintshire County Hall against the UDP proposal, which seeks to build an extra 240 houses in the North Wales village, which will accomodate more than 1000 residents.

Walker, also the BNP’s candidate in the Alyn and Deeside constituency, said it was the Labour government in the Welsh Assembly and Westminster, which was pushing the UDP’s projects onto the local authorities.

Walker said this was due to a net nationwide increase in population of up to a million a year. Attacking the Labour Party, Walker said the situation arose due to the uncontrolled immigration invasion flood rooted by the Labour Party.

Dozens of Mancot residents took part in the demonstration, objecting to the project which they said would use up essential facilities and unconstructively affect their quality of life.

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