May: Sikh Council to receive £60,000 to support victims of traffickers

Home Secretary Theresa May has said the Sikh Council will receive £60,000 grant for outreach programme to help destitute victims of traffickers and people smugglers return home.

The programme supports victims of traffickers and people smugglers who have been lured to the UK with the promise of a new life, only to find themselves destitute, sleeping rough or working for less than the minimum wage.

In the case of Indian women, there are concerns that they could fall into prostitution and abuse.

While many of these individuals would like to return home, their passports have been destroyed by traffickers.

The funding will help expand an existing outreach programme to all gurdwaras and establish a dedicated Panjabi phoneline run by the Sikh Council to explain how the government can help them to gain a travel document to return home.

“This project will help people return home with dignity and I believe it will make a real difference to those who have been cruelly exploited and need our help,” Ms. May said. “I would like to thank the Sikh Council and look forward to working with them in this way.”

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