Mayor of London renews call for amnesty for illegal immigrants

The ‘kick them out’ policy is one that the British people would not accept 18th May 2009: The Mayor of London, Boris Johnson has renewed his call for amnesty for illegal immigrants in UK.

Answering a question from the public during the annual State of London Debate on 9th May, Mr. Johnson said his controversial view on granting amnesty to illegal immigrants is not shared by some members of his party.

“But I do think that if you look at the sheer numbers, half a million in London who are living here without papers, who are not able to participate legally in the economy, and who may have been here for very many years. You have got to try to think of a way that will assist them to regularise their status without creating, without turning our system into a magnet for anybody who wants to break the law. That is what you have got to do,” he said.

Mr. Johnson who has made several calls for earned amnesty said that’s the direction UK should be moving towards. He said the system of earned amnesty, “where people show that they are upright citizens, show they have a basic loyalty and understanding of the institutions of this country and have lived here for a long time without breaking the law. If those people can show those things then I believe we should be working towards a system of allowing them in, via a steady systematic process, not in huge numbers, not all at once, not in a great overnight change in the law, but slowly to allow them to regularise their status and pay tax like everybody else. That is the fundamental advantage of the system we are proposing.”

He said the alternative, “which is to kick out half a million people from this City, is not something that is ever going to happen and is not something that I believe the British people will allow to happen. Very often we know these people, their kids go to our schools, they are growing up with us and I don’t think that the logic of the ‘kick them out’ policy is one that the British people would either accept or adopt.”

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