Met applauded for their work in engaging with London’s communities

*Police officers, staff recognised for work in embracing diversity, improving equality

* First-ever MPS Diversity Excellence Awards held

22nd November 2010: A senior detective who led the Met’s approach to investigating ‘honour’ based crimes; a Safer Neighbourhoods team who developed a highly successful youth engagement project; and officers who worked to improve services to people with disabilities; were among officers commended for their work in engaging with London’s communities and developing the Met’s diverse workforce.
Only recently, police officers and staff across London were recognised for their work in embracing diversity and improving equality at the first-ever MPS Diversity Excellence Awards.

DCI Caroline Goode, from the Met’s Homicide and Serious Crime Command won the Diversity Leadership Award for her work resulting in improved training for front line officers and staff, enabling them to identify crimes of ‘honour’ based violence at an early stage and to respond quickly and effectively to support victims.

The Met’s Edgware Safer Neighbourhoods team won the Community Engagement Award for the Nutmeg Project, a series of youth engagement concert events built around dance and music promoting an end to knife and gun crime. Over 12 months 2,250 young people attended the events and barriers between the local youth community and police have been broken down, leading to a drastic reduction in confrontational encounters on the street.

PC Steven Brown of Southwark Borough won the Fair and Responsive Services Award for delivering excellent policing services to communities living on the Aylesbury Estate in Southwark.

The Met’s Promoting Difference Team won the Workforce and Culture Award for developing a model to improve the development opportunities for BME officers in MPS promotion processes.

PC Helen Davies and colleagues from Lewisham were commended for their work with the local Deaf and deafened community through the borough’s Deaflink scheme.

PC Jodene Feeney of Harrow Borough and DC Tanya O’Connell of Westminster won the Performance (Disability) Award for their work to increase understanding and awareness of dyslexia and for developing support mechanisms for staff with the condition.

PC Cliff Bolton of Bexley Borough was commended for his work pioneering Autism awareness in the MPS. PC Bolton identified that a number of youths arrested in his area for anti social behaviour had Autism, Asperger’s Syndrome or similar conditions. He identified gaps in police understanding and showed how improving officers’ knowledge of these conditions could avert escalating situations in public order incidents.

Other winners were officers from Brent police for their work with young people about stop and search, and an officer from Newham for her engagement with local Muslim community.

Deputy Commissioner and MPS diversity champion Tim Godwin who presented the awards at the special ceremony at New Scotland Yard, said: "I am proud of the men and women of the service and their desire to achieve and provide a professional service, with the continued challenges of the diverse and international city in which we serve."

Denise Milani, the Director of Diversity and Citizen Focus said: "I and the other members of the judging panel are honoured and privileged to recognise the teams and individuals across the MPS who have made a truly outstanding contribution to achieving the aims of the Met’s Diversity and Equality Strategy."

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