Middlesex University to open a new campus near Delhi

Based in Noida, it will provide courses in business, information technology, media

30th March 2011: Middlesex University is all set to open a new chapter in its academic history. It’s coming up with a new campus in India in October. So, your kith and kin back home can study from the prestigious varsity, without staying put at your place.  
Based in Noida, east of Delhi, it will provide courses in business, information technology and media with extra programmes planned for 2012.

Middlesex deputy vice-chancellor Terry Butland says their roots are in London, but they are an international university with ambitions to ensure students around the world can study and gain a Middlesex degree.

As with their campuses in Dubai and Mauritius, they will be providing the same high standard of teaching offered in the UK, with amazing opportunities for students to study in different countries if they want to.

The campus in Noida is part of a the varsity’s commitment to provide higher education in India. The other plans include a creative arts centre in southern Delhi.

Butland claims Noida will be appealing to students from India, but they are already seeing interest in their international campuses from the UK and Europe.
Spending time in London, then a year in India or Mauritius or even both, could be a very appealing prospect for British students, he adds.


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