Migrant workers settle down, says report

Workers from abroad become a more established part of the business community in the south west of England. 16 October 2008.

A survey by business advisory firm Deloitte unveiles that more employers are recruiting on a long-term basis and, apart from help with language problems, workers from abroad are now being treated in much the same way as everyone else.

The survey looked at the extent to which migrant workers are being used by companies in the south west, where they come from and the reasons why they are being recruited.

Denis Woulfe, senior practice partner at Deloitte, said the survey was valuable, coming at a time of fast moving change.
“The rush of migrant workers taking advantage of the first opportunities that arose seems to have levelled out but there appears to be more stability for those who are settled here,” he said. “Many employers in the south west welcome the supply of overseas labour.

“However, we know that many people are now returning to their own countries and with the new restrictions on non-EU workers it will be interesting to see what happens.”

The survey comes at a time when there is concern that some sectors of the economy could be hit by a slump in the number of available migrant employees.

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