Migrants can click and trace their roots

Details of 600,000 immigrants published online


26th February 2010:
If you are an immigrant and want to trace your roots, help is just a click away.

For the first time, the details of over 600,000 immigrants arriving in the UK between the late 18th and early 20th centuries have been published online.

The names include that of Prince Albert. Going by the information available on family history website, Prince Albert, husband of Queen Victoria arrived with 14 attendants in 1839.

The records were initially compiled by the Government’s Alien Office after the 1793 Aliens Act was passed. It paved the way for immigrants to be recorded at their port of entry.

The other names in the collection include international content director Dan Jones says a substantial number of people think immigration to Britain is 20th century phenomenon. But the records show immigrants have been arriving on the shores for centuries. Some have been fleeing political or religious persecution, others famine or civil war.

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