Migrants choosing Asian over Western Countries

Singapore and Hong Kong preferred destinations in Asia
20thJuly 2011: Financial situation and stricter immigration requirements are turning the skilled migrants to Asian countries. According to a recent report more skilled Asians are preferring to emigrate to other Asian countries such as Singapore and Hong Kong rather than Western Countries such as the UK, Australia, and Canada.
The study, Change of Migration Patterns in Asia: Towards Regional Economic Integration has revealed that Hong Kong had the highest rate of East Asian immigration, with 2.74 million migrants. It was followed by Malaysia, Japan, Singapore, and Thailand. Approximately 5.3 million people migrated internally within Asia in 2008.

Dr Sakkarin Niyomsilpa of the Institute of Population and Social Research, of Mahidol University, Bangkok is the author of the study. He asserts that East Asia’s swift economic development has caused rapid growth of its labour markets.

 Dr Sakkarin added that Asian professionals, who had aspired for labour markets in Western countries, have instead begun to move abroad in large numbers to East Asia due to the affluence in these Asian economies.

Dr Sakkarin asserted that many Asian countries have reduced their immigration requirements. In contrast, Western nations such as the UK have recently introduced stricter immigration controls.

After the Global financial crisis of a few years ago there was a noteworthy decrease in skilled immigration to Australia. This was because of the general financial situation and stricter immigration requirements. Australia is now dealing with skills shortages and Asian Countries have most likely gained from this. Highly skilled Asian immigrants unable or unwilling to go to Australia have instead gone to Asian Countries.


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