Migrants may not have to ‘earn’ British citizenship voluntary work

Green describes it as ‘half-baked’ 6th September 2010: Applying for British citizenship? You may not be required to ‘earn’ British citizenship by indulging in voluntary work.
Describing it as ‘half-baked’, Tory Immigration Minister Damian Green warned the idea could ‘bring British citizenship into disrepute’. With this, it is clear the new government is not in favour of Labour’s flagship policy of making migrants ‘earn’ British citizenship.

Under the Labour policy, migrants applying for British citizenship from next year would have been required to ‘earn’ their passport by partaking in voluntary work.

At that time, the scheme was projected as a crackdown on migrants refusing to take part in British life. But leaked government papers showed migrants completing 50 hours standing on a picket line, or canvassing for the Labour Party, would have qualified.

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