Migrants remain shelter-less due to insufficient council homes

45 council homes need to be built daily to accommodate them

17th August 2011: Migrants remain shelter-less as there are not enough council homes for them.
Statistics reveal as many as 45 council homes need to be set up on an average daily to accommodate the immigrants.

Calculations reveal another 415,000 extra homes will have to be established over the next 25 years at an annual cost of £1billion to keep families off the streets

The findings come from pressure group Migration Watch UK.

As of now, the waiting lists for social housing in England have witnessed a growth of nothing less than 60 per cent over the past eight years. The increase is largely being attributed to immigration.

The report goes on to claim that just about 17 per cent of people born in the UK get to live in buildings set up by the local authorities or housing associations. On the other hand, 80 per cent of migrants from Somalia and 49 per cent from Turkey are putting up in such houses.

Reacting to the findings, Migration Watch UK blamed the politicians for pushing the problem under the carpet of secrecy. Chairman Sir Andrew Green said either the Government must cut immigration very substantially as they’ve promised or they must invest very large sums in the construction of extra social housing."

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