Migrants seeking public sector jobs to pass English language test

So far, it only covers doctors from outside EU, teachers, police officers

12th April 2010
: All migrant workers applying for public sector jobs will be compelled to pass an English language test, according to one the pledges the Labour is making in its general election manifesto.

The Labour is the first party to come out with its election manifesto. With this, the migrant workers looking for work in the public sector as nurses, community support officers, social workers and call centre staff would have to clear the English language tests.

The development is significant as such an English language test so far only covers doctors from outside the European Union, teachers and police officers.

Public jobs too would be offered to anyone over 25, who has been unemployed for two years or more and everyone under 25 unemployed for 10 months or more.

Turning down the job would mean loss of benefits such as jobseeker’s allowance.
An increase in the minimum wage, and a promise to increase paternity leave to four weeks, is also on the cards.

The Labour manifesto is expected to be followed by Conservatives’ election manifesto, and Liberal Democrats’ manifesto

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