Migration Watch Stats on council houses under cloud

The figure of 45 new houses a day may not be correct, after all

19th August 2011
: Pressure group Migration Watch UK may not have been right when it said 45 council homes need to be set up daily to accommodate the immigrants.
Calculations by the Migration Watch suggested  415,000 extra homes will have to be established over the next 25 years at an annual cost of £1billion to keep families off the streets

Migration Watch UK, in fact, calculated foreign nationals currently occupy 8.4 per cent of social housing. The Daily Star went a step ahead and interpreted the figure to “nearly 10 per cent”.

Full, promoting accuracy in public debate, says the think-tank has cited as its source for the figure issued by the Department for Communities; and also the Local Government spreadsheet.
But on the face of it the Government statistics and the 8.4 per cent figure quoted by the think-tank are in variance with each other.
A briefing by the Migration Observatory at the University of Oxford shows that the correct figure is 6.1 per cent; and is based on the fact that 14,570 out of 237,492 social houses are occupied by foreign nationals.

The 2.3 per cent difference may not, prima facie, appear to be significant. But if you go deep into it you realise it is vital by all means.

The variance of 2.3 per cent come out to be 5,379 houses. Going by the Migration Watch UK calculations, this would amount to a cost of £333 million.
The rounding of the estimate to 10 per cent by the Daily Star increases the gap further.
Full says the newspaper seems to be out by around 9,179 houses, or £551 million of housing spending

Full Fact have already contacted Migration Watch on the issue and have been told that a response is being prepared. `Until we understand how the group has arrived at the 8.4 per cent figure, we can’t say with any certainty if the sums reported by Migration Watch, and repeated in the papers, are accurate or not,’ Full Fact says.

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