Migreat & TawiPay partner to provide more transparency in immigration and international money transfer fees

Migreat, the web-platform for migrants to compare their visa options, and TawiPay, the comparison website for international money transfer services, are partnering to provide more transparency to the markets of transfer fees and visa information online.


As of today, Migreat  will start providing information and comparing the different money transfer providers and their fees for specific routes of remittances by embedding TawiPay technology on its community platform.



It is a natural and win-win partnership for the two companies that have for the past years championed information for global migrants online and stressed technology to create an accessible user experience. Both companies have built comparators that similar to Skyscanner provide a personalised and easily readable information on matters that were previously complex to read and put together. Thanks to this partnership, it will now be possible for migrants to compare visa options for themselves and their family in Europe as well as best prices to transfer money internationally to make this move happen.


Migreat’s ambition is to make migration easy. We provide easy to understand and personalised information for 1.3 million migrants every month on visa and settlement to Europe’s main five countries. This partnership completes our offer of personalised information and transparency over the strict conditions and realistic costs of immigration to Europe. says Daniel CEO of Migreat


Migrants work hard to send money back home to their family, but face hefty charges of 8% on average to do so.. This partnership is a step forward in our mission to empower migrants across the web with the right information and guidance to help them save drastically on transfer fees. A World Bank report puts the global amount sent home by migrants in 2014 at $582 billion and estimates that an average total cost of 7.9% was paid to money transfer companies. This huge cut that could be reduced by $28 billion every year if migrants used cheaper services referenced on the comparison engine. Says Francois Co-founder of Tawipay


As Migreat expands in the number of communities, languages and destination countries for which it delivers visa information and as TawiPay adds money transfer corridors, the ambition for this partnership is to provide information to more migrants, and in more geographical regions in order to accompany the natural and increasing phenomenon of migration across borders. Immigration acts as an essential driver of social change and development worldwide. For countries of destination, migrants are known to be two times more entrepreneurial than natives and to positively contribute to the economic development via taxes and filling gaps of the job market/occupying jobs not attractive to locals. For countries of origin, money transfers from migrants to their family back home have tripled in a decade and are three times larger than global aid budgets.




About Migreat

Migreat is the leading resource for foreign nationals to discover, access and share contacts, places and social tips about their new neighborhoods. By connecting migrants with 37 local communities, and providing a suite of tools to assist with the visa and settlement process, Migreat simplifies the immigration journey.


The Migreat platform is available in 11 languages and offers personalised info, easy to use tools and comprehensive guides across the five largest migrant destinations in Europe. With fresh articles and helpful features that connect new arrivals with local experts,,,, and enable migrants to access information that has traditionally been overly complicated and difficult to find.


Through Migreat, businesses can reach new audiences and market themselves to members of their local communities, gaining access to qualified customers. Migreat has offices in London and New York City and is used by hundreds of thousands of people each month. For more information, visit

About TawiPay

TawiPay is the international money transfer search engine helping migrants find the cheapest, fastest, most convenient and trustful ways to send their money back home to their friends & family.


TawiPay is fully independent, completely free of charge and was founded by three Swiss entrepreneurs with the explicit goal of helping migrants save on their remittances. The comparison tool is very easy to use and consists of just a few clicks. After inputting the amount and the receiving country, users can see all established money transfer services and compare their respective fees, exchange rates, transfer times and payment methods at a glance. An emphasis has been made to fully disclose and display all hidden fees, so that users can always make an informed decision when choosing the most appropriate service.


TawiPay compares more than 440 money transfer operators in 280 country pairs  and is available in 9 different languages.



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