Minister for Communities wishes Muslims Happy Eid

Minister for Communities Stephen Williams has wished Muslims in the UK and across the world a happy Eid Mubarak.

“Whilst many people will have marked Ramadan by a period of peaceful prayer, thought and abstention I would also like to pause for thought for people in the middle east – many Muslim, but also many of other religions or none – who have not had the fortune of a peaceful month, and we all hope that peace and stability will soon return there,” Mr Williams said.

He added: “At home we have been fortunate and privileged to enjoy a peaceful Ramadan, and many mosques embraced the opportunity to open their doors to their community and hold a ‘big iftar’ welcoming in people from the area for the daily fast breaking meal.”

Mr Williams further recalled that many mosques in the UK and Muslims “will also have used Ramadan as a period where thinking of others come before oneself, including through increased charitable donations to both Muslim and non-religious charities. All of this furthers my already strong belief that Muslim values and British values can go hand in hand. Eid Mubarak.”

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