Missing Nepalese choir found straying around Wembley

Group had entered the UK lawfully at Heathrow on valid visas


2nd May, 2011: The Nepalese choir which had gone missing soon after landing at Heathrow Airport was found straying around Wembley three days later.

The group was noticed in north-west London – around 15 miles from the airport. The group members claimed they had walked out of the terminal building and just lost their way.

The group had been signed up to perform on Thursday night in Penzance, Cornwall, before performing at sites across the county.  The UK Border Agency said the group had entered the UK lawfully at Heathrow on valid visas.

It is perhaps the first time a group from Nepal had been called to take part in the festival.  Their vanishing had sparked a nationwide manhunt.

Ten members of the choir were supposed to meet the bus driver at the arrivals lounge, when they landed on Tuesday. They were to be taken 250 miles to perform at the Cornwall International Male Voice Choral Festival.

Festival organisers in fact, got fuming at the missing of the choir, which caused a great number of performances to be rescheduled. On Friday unexpectedly the organisers got a call from a member of the choir. He said they had lost their way after walking out of the airport.

Another bus was sent to pick up the singers – and they later performed as arranged in St Agnes, Cornwall.

The organisers had earlier sent a driver to Heathrow Airport to pick them up at 7.30am on Tuesday, but were told the choir had already landed and then disappeared. The driver had to spend the entire Tuesday looking for them and then had to drive all the way back to pick them up again.

The organiser David Peters said that it appeared the choir may have drifted out of the airport, got lost and found themselves at someone’s house in Wembley.

 He asserted that he had no idea as to how the choir members managed it, but thankfully they had been found.

 The organiser said one of the members rang them up on the number they had all the time. He said that they had no idea what the members did in the meantime and had not even got the chance to ask them altogether, about what they were up to.

He added that they had arranged to meet the choir at the arrivals lounge so lord only knew what happened. Another coach was even sent to pick them up but by that time, but they had vanished again.

David said that they had managed to contact the choir and they later joined the organisers in Cornwall. The group had even performed as planned and did a great job, asserted the organiser. He even wished that the performers from Nepal stayed with them through the entire festival.   

The UK Border Agency said the group had entered the UK lawfully at Heathrow on valid visas.

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