Mixed reaction to immigration cap

Cap costly, counter-productive: section of media 24th November 2010: While immigration cap has evoked sharp criticism by the Scottish Government, political figureheads and businesses, media has carried more or less mixed opinion. Some media organisations have sought scrapping of the cap. Some others have described it as baby steps in right direction. 
Categorically asserting that the immigration cap should be scrapped, the Independent has carried leading article: “A migration cap that is as costly as it is counter-productive”. It has asserted: `As it is, the ceiling announced yesterday is not as bad as it might have been. But it will be costly, and it risks stoking resentment.

`Yes, immigration can cause social strains but the solution is to transfer funds to deprived areas and improve the skills of the indigenous workforce, not to criminalise the aspirations of foreigners who want to work here.

`Once elected, ministers would do better to admit the errors of opposition than perpetuate them in office. Any policy that is both ineffective and self-defeating is not worth pursuing. The immigration cap should be scrapped.

The Daily and Sunday Express has asserted: “Some progress at last on the issue of immigration”. It has carried an article saying: “Many of us would like to see much bigger strides being made. But baby steps in the right direction are surely better than no steps at all”.

The Telegraph has carried an article `Stemming the flow of immigration’; and aired its view: `The cap on non-European workers is a good start but more limits are needed’.
It has stated: `Regrettably, Mrs May was less forthcoming on the issue of family reunion, particularly from the Indian sub-continent. Since the last government scrapped the Primary Purpose Rule in 1997, it has been possible to enter into a marriage with someone settled here purely for the purpose of immigration.

`Until this abuse is tackled, these otherwise sound measures to limit immigration will be incomplete’.

Daily Star has stated: Capped: Non EU migrants. It added: Tough rules to slash the number of immigrants entering Britain from outside the EU were announced yesterday.

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