More and more drink drivers are now immigrants

In Cambridgeshire, 2 in 5 drink drivers are now immigrants – police figures revealed 04 November 2008. The statistics fuel fears that drunken foreign motorists are a growing menace. Most of them come either Poland or Lithuania.

Tory immigration spokesman Damian Green, who obtained the leaked document, said:
“These figures underline the importance for anyone who comes here to know the basics of daily life in Britain. They need to know what the rules are so they can obey them.”

In Cambridgeshire – which has seen one of the biggest influxes from Eastern Europe – two in every five motorists caught over the legal limit or driving while banned are foreigners.

Chief Constable Julie Spence warned last year that many migrants were drink-driving. She said her officers were struggling to deal with increases in offences including knife crime and warned specifically that many migrants were drink-driving.

Chief Constable Spence said: ‘The growth in our [migrant] population has brought about significant policing challenges, not least the time and effort we put into dealing with offenders whose first language is not English.

‘We have seen an increase in specific offences such as motoring offences, sex trafficking, and worker exploitation – a form of modern-day slavery.’

The Cambridgeshire figure has soared by a third since January, when 30 per cent of such offenders were foreign.

In Suffolk, seven per cent of drink-drivers last year were Eastern European — up from just a handful in 2003.

The document has been submitted to the Government’s Migration Impact Forum.

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