More credible info on border controls on way

UK Border Agency adds media section to website

Expected to benefit reporters, creative community

31st December 2009: If you are foreigner in the UK, you can look forward to information on border control and related issues, which is all the more credible.

For the UK Border Agency has added a new section to its website. It is aimed at media wanting information on immigration or border control when writing stories or producing programmes.

The new section contains the facts behind some of the common immigration myths, information on the agency’s our work and targets, and advice for journalists working undercover.

Its also provides contact details for regional and national press officers, who can offer help and advice to anyone working on media stories related to the agency.
Commenting on the new section, UK Border Agency communications director Rob Yeldham said:’Over the last year we have seen a big rise in interest in border control and immigration from both reporters and the creative community.
`In response, we have gathered specific information in one place on our website, which we hope will help journalists, writers and researchers access accurate information about the UK Border Agency’s work.’ The media section will be updated regularly, the agency claimed.

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