More than 100 MPs ask Theresa May to back down over student migrant cap

Over 100 MPs have a written a letter to Prime Minister Theresa May urging her to reconsider the “illogical decision” to maintain international students in the net inward migration target, City AM has revealed.

More than 100 MPs demand Prime Minister Theresa May backs down over student migrant cap

The letter drafted by Labour MP Catherine West was signed by MPs from the Conservatives, Liberal Democrats, DUP, SNP, Plaid Cymru and the Green Party.

In the letter, the MPs say that Ms May “could easily change this rule with the stroke of a pen, but chooses not to in order to save face, risking the status of British universities and a valuable part of our economy.”

They go on to say that: “If we want our higher education sector to remain world leaders, the government must drop the illogical decision to include international students in the net migration target. The numerical and anecdotal evidence all points in one direction: the huge benefit brought to our country by international students.”

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