Most immigration to UK not from within EU

Green busts the myth 13th December 2010: Most immigration to the UK is not from within the European Union, after all. And, the myth has been burst by none else than Immigration Minister Damian Green.
The assertion came in response to a selection of questions on non-EU migration. As a supplementary question, new MP for South East Cornwall Sheryll Murray specifically asked how many migrant workers were from within the EU and how many were from elsewhere.

In response to the query, Green asserted he was grateful to his friend for asking the question as it enabled him to puncture one of the great urban myths in the immigration debate, which is that most immigration came from within the European Union.

The net migration figures, which we will get down to the tens of thousands by the end of this Parliament, show that the vast bulk of immigrants come from outside the European Union,” Green asserted.

In response to her query on numbers, Murray was told in 2009, 292,000 non-European economic area migrants entered the UK and only 109,000 left.

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