Movie about Nzingha, an African Warrior Queen to be screened in London

Queen Nzinga

Queen Nzinga, The Movie, an epic historical action-drama about an African queen and mother who gave her all for her people will be screened in London to mark Mothers’ Day.

Nzinga was an African warrior Queen of the area now referred to as Congo/Angola. She was on her throne at the time as England’s James I.

Queen NzingaThe movie tells the astonishing true story of this female general who fought a 40 year war against slavery. The story begins in 1617, the year Njinga’s father King Kilwanji dies. The Portuguese army takes advantage of the political confusion and invades Southern Africa so they can kidnap the population and force them to work on sugar plantations in Brazil.

Princess Njinga has to fight to gain the throne and then lead her people in a battle for national freedom.

The movie will be screened on Sunday 6th March 2016 at 4pm at Phoenix Cinema.

This event is an extension of the BFI African Odysseys programme in association with the Phoenix Cinema: Inspirational films by and about the people of Africa, from archive classics to new cinema.

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