MP Wishart: Stop deportation of widows

The Perth and north Perthshire MP seeks change in immigration legislation

3rd July 2009: Perth and north Perthshire MP Pete Wishart has asked Parliament to take a cue from the Obama administration in America and put to immediate stop the deportation of widows. He is also demanding a change in the immigration legislation for the purpose.

Putting to an end the deportation of widows and widowers is a sensible and reasonable measure, which will spare grieving families’ heartache, he says.

Wishart has also asked the government to relax immigration laws to allow back a deported family to live in Perthshire.

Under the immigration rules the family would have been eligible to stay in the UK indefinitely next month. But former computer expert Navjot Singh (35) died early this year, leaving the family “in a dreadful situation”.

Navjot Singh and his wife Nidhi had come to Perth in 2004 and their first daughter, Kashish (8) was enrolled in a Perthshire primary school. Their second daughter, Tanisha, was born in Scotland.

Nidhi agreed to return to India with her children earlier this year because she did not want to remain in Scotland illegally.

Wishart has raised the issue with Harriet Harman, Leader of the House and Minister for Equality. He says the family’s plight shows how bureaucratic and rigid the rules are. Nidhi has a degree in electronics and communications. She has contributed to the Perthshire community, and her children have started their education here and know no other country. As such, she should be allowed to come back to the UK.

Wishart says they need a system that works on behalf of families placed in this sort of particular and unusual situation; and measures must be taken to review the present rules on immigration.

Wishart has made it clear he wants the rigid bureaucracy of the new points based immigration system must be reconsidered immediately, as there is no room for discretion.

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