MPs hear evidence on immigration points based system: Home Office, UKBA, lawyers

Committee of Public Accounts is takes evidence on immigration PBS
29th March 2011: The Home Office, the UK Border Agency and immigration lawyers have given evidence, as the MPs heard evidence on immigration points based system.
The Committee of Public Accounts is taking evidence on the immigration points based system. The process is being carried out on the basis of a report from the National Audit Office.

The National Audit Office report concluded that the points based system introduced by the UK Border Agency in 2008 was for the most part designed well and provides an adaptable means of meeting the UK’s work-related immigration policy objectives.

But, the report added the system was not yet delivering its full potential for value for money. Its process was not efficient and customer service could be improved. The UK Border Agency could also provide little assurance that it was effectively managing the risk of non-compliance with immigration rules by migrants and their sponsors.
The Witnesses include Tony Haque, Immigration Solicitor, Baker and McKenzie LLP; Vicash Ramkisson, Immigration Solicitor and Partner, Duncan Lewis; Dame Helen Ghosh, Permanent Secretary, Home Office; Jonathan Sedgwick, Interim Chief Executive, UK Border Agency; and Matthew Coats, Head of Immigration Group, UK Border Agency

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