MRN launches short film “Migrants for London, London for Migrants”

Explores issues around immigration in contemporary London

21st September 2010: Migrants’ Rights Network — working for the rights of all migrants — has launched a short film "Migrants for London, London for Migrants"

It explores some of the issues around immigration in contemporary London. Based on its report ‘Migrant Capital’ published in June, MRN hopes the film encourages watchers to stand back and reflect on some of the underlying reasons why immigration continues to play a key part in the city’s economy and on the effects of restrictions on many of the migrants living here.

The film highlights the contradictions in a city where migrants are essential to fill the hundreds of thousands of jobs that keep the city functioning yet often face restrictions that place them in a state of extreme vulnerability.

Behind the veneer of London’s image as a global economic centre and a cosmopolitan and convivial city there is a reality of low paid jobs filled in large part by migrant workers, compounded for many by a lack of immigration status and barriers in accessing public services.

The MRN says: Yet, the film also emphasises the potential for a fairer deal for both migrants and London’s settled population and shows some of the activities that migrants and non-migrants are already carrying out to try to bring about changes to some of these issues.

While abstaining from providing definite answers, ‘Migrants for London’ does want to encourage people to consider whether an alternative approach to labour conditions and restrictions of rights is desirable.

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