MRN questions where has Migration Impacts Fund gone

Fund was scrapped by current government as cost-cutting exercise

28th September 2010: Soon after the Migration Impacts Fund was scrapped by the current government as a cost-cutting exercise, the Migrants’ Rights Network has questioned “where has this money been redeployed?”
The issue was raised by the Network soon after reports surfaced on visa costs going up again. Migrants’ Rights News has asserted: `As visa costs are going up again, those concerned should feel entitled to ask where all this money is going.

The mystery of the now defunct Migration Impacts Fund is a case in point. This £70m pot of funding was introduced last year for local authorities and public services under pressure by high levels of immigration – and was paid for by yet another increase in migrant visa and application fees.

`Last month we reported that the Migration Impacts Fund has been scrapped by the current government as a cost-cutting exercise. But where has this money been redeployed? No-one seems to know, although migrants are still paying the price…’

The Migration Impacts Fund was not intended to benefit migrants alone. Its aim was to alleviate pressure on services used by the whole community. For example, the fund was to be spent on helping local authorities start schemes to tackle rogue landlords.

The contributions were be collected through increases to certain immigration fees, and was not apply to European Economic Area nationals or refugees.

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