Murderer’s passport gave him the identity for 10 years

A Pakistan immigrant used false passport bearing the details of a life sentenced prisoner

06 November 2008. Mohammed Iqba, an illegal immigrant travelled in and out of Britain for 10 years using a passport in the name of a convicted murderer, Jeffrey Mohammed.

Iqbal was caught in Fishguard harbour when he tried to get into Wales. He was so drunk returning from his latest trip abroad, that he could not tell immigration officials where he would be staying in London.

Iqbal, 50, a convicted rapist, admitted using a false passport and was jailed for 12 months.

Iqbal moved to Britain in 1987 from his native Pakistan on a six-month visa and began working in the kitchens of restaurants.

His asylum application was rejected but his visa was extended.

About 10 years ago Iqbal paid £3,000 for a false passport bearing the details of Jeffrey Mohammed, who, unknown to him, was serving life in the UK for murder.

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