Muslim population in prisons rises in recent years

Account for 12 per cent of Britain’s total prison population

16th March 2010: The Muslim prison population in England and Wales has risen sharply in recent years, a BBC report on UK jails has claimed.

The report suggests Muslims now account for 12 per cent of the total prison population of Britain. Their number is double in high security jails.

In fact, the Muslims represent 12 per cent or 9,795 of the prison population in England and Wales. The increase of almost 50 per cent over a period of five years.

This has led to the apprehensions that groups belonging to the Muslim community were running the prisons.

The BBC report even talks of a Muslim habitual offender, who openly admitted to helping non-Muslim inmates convert to Islam and using violence against anyone who dared to “disrespect” his religion.

Reacting to the report, national chairman of the POA said it was a growing problem, but denied all imprisoned Muslims were in gangs.

The prison officers’ trade union chairman people are being forcibly radicalized by these gangs; and it was being seen as a real danger, now and for the future of prisons.

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