Muslim vote decisive in 82 constituencies: MPACUK

BNP describes it as indicator of Britain’s Islamic colonisation

9th April 2010: The Muslim votes will play a “pivotal” in 82 constituencies during the forthcoming general election, the Muslim Public Affairs Committee (MPACUK) has claimed.

In a press release, MPACUK has claimed the Muslim vote could prove decisive with 82 constituencies having a Muslim population large enough to determine the poll results.

The statement said: Friday marks the official launch of ‘Operation Muslim Vote’ as Muslims gather for weekly prayers, with tens of thousands of leaflets already being distributed by young volunteers across the country.

The release added: Our local campaigns are targeting MPs and candidates who ignore Muslim concerns….”

“Muslim voters can no longer be taken for granted by Labour as a new politicised generation is becoming swing voters, who demand action on issues from Palestine to anti-terror laws” said Rukiya Dadhiwala, MPACUK Campaign Coordinator.

Reacting to the assertion, the British National party has asserted the news underlines extent of Islamic colonisation of Britain.

The BNP also quoted the Office for National Statistics to say the Muslim population in Britain grew by more than 500,000 to 2.4 million in the four years from 2004–2008, or ten times faster than the rest of society.

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